School Clubs

At Ecton Brook Primary School we offer children the opportunity to extend their learning and love of a subject through an extensive extended curriculum. The children have access to a range of clubs including musical, academic, creative, technological or sporting. Some of these clubs run all year and some run for a shorter period of time but what we at Ecton Brook Primary School are passionate about is that we are inclusive and these clubs are accessible to all. Therefore the school do not charge for any of our extra curricular clubs.   Each term there are more than 40 clubs running across the two sites on a weekly basis.​​

Our wide variety of non-sporting clubs include needlework, orchestra, choirs, computers, art​ and cooking.

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular sporting clubs. Some of these clubs help extend the more able children but all clubs are set up to offer the children an opportunity to learn new skills and develop their love of being active. We run four Change for Life clubs to help educate our children to support pupils to develop healthy lifestyles.

Our main focus is to ensure variety of sporting activities and quality coaching. Some of these clubs are run by external clubs that the school has links with such as NTFC, NCCC, Hotshots basketball, Northamptonshire Sports and some are run by our staff.  We regularly monitor the clubs to ensure they meet the needs of our children. These clubs run at different times from before school, to during lunch and after school ensuring that all children can access the clubs. Participation at extra curriculum clubs is very high with all children in KS2 having the opportunity to participate in at least one club a term. We regularly survey the children to ensure that we offer the clubs that they wish to attend, this ensures that demand is really high and these numbers are sustained throughout the sessions.  At our school we have seen a direct link to improved attendance, motivation and academic levels with the participation in quality extra curricular sports sessions.