Our Curriculum

The school’s policy is to provide a broad, balanced education which is delivered through a knowledge and skills based creative curriculum, ensuring that equal opportunities are given to all children. 

Our daily English curriculum provides all learners with multiple opportunities to develop the phonetic skills necessary for reading; immerse themselves in a wide range of vocabulary to support comprehension; continually develop speaking and listening skills; master the many interlinked skills needed to become a fluent writer.

Our daily Maths curriculum empowers pupils to develop key mathematical concepts; master an understanding and love of maths; use reasoning to problem solve and make links to the wider curriculum and the world around them.​

Reception Year Curriculum Map            Curriculum Maps Years 1-6

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Knowledge Organisers

Year 1

Spring 1            Science           RE           History           

Year 2

​Spring 1             Science          RE            History          

Year 3​

​Spring 1             Science           RE            History          

Year 4  


Spring 1             Science            RE            History                

Year 5​

Spring 1              Science             RE            History              

Year 6

Spring 1              Science            RE            History